Who are the Freemasons?

The Freemasons, also known simply as Masons, are a fraternal philanthropic organization with lodges in almost every community of the world.  Masons come from every profession and religious background.  Joining the Masons benefits you in many ways.  Members of the brotherhood take care of each other in difficult times.  They also build lasting friendships in the community.

Requirements for Joining
1   Be a male of good character and recommended by a member of the lodge.  You must also be of legal age in the lodge's district.  New Hampshire requires you to be 18 years of age.

2   State a belief in a Supreme Being.  The Masons don't favor any religion over another.  Once you state that you hold a religious belief, you satisfy this requirement without any further questioning.

3   Support yourself and your family.  Joining the Masons yields no direct financial benefit. However, the lodge like many other organizations may at times, collect for emergency help during times of crisis.

4   Choose to join on your own.  Freemason's do not "recruit" so don't expect members to approach you; you should approach them instead.  It should be your initiative and desire to join and become a member.

How to Join

1   Contact a member of the lodge.  You can find contact information here on our website for many members or you may contact us by email at GideonLodge84@gmail.com.

2   Ask a friend or colleague who may already be a member of our lodge or another to introduce you to other Masons within our lodge.

3   Complete the required paperwork and pay the application fee.  Petitions to join can be downloaded from our site.  The lodge will then read your petition at the next stated meeting and form an investigation committee.

4   Meet with the investigation committee.  This committee reports back to the lodge, and the members will then vote on your application based on the report.  Acceptance requires a unanimous vote by the members of the lodge.  If you pass this stage, you will begin your first degree in Masonry and become a provisional member.  The lodge will then help and guide you until you become a Master Mason.

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