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Original Announcement Inserted into the September 1969 Stated Communication Notice:


he Wood Memorial Scholarship Fund is a charitable trust created in memory of Illustrious Brother Austin Cook Wood, 33rd Degree Master Mason, 1827 - 1910 and his Masonic descendents to provide financial assistance for qualified young people who are continuing their education beyond the high school level in an accredited school, college or university.

As Trustee, Gideon Lodge will annually award one or more scholarships from the earned income of this fund, in the amount of $1OO.OO each, to students who will be selected by a committee of Gideon Lodge Members, on the basis of merit and need, without regard to sex, religion or race, but with preference to the qualifying children of New Hampshire Masons.

Application forms which may be obtained from the Secretary of the Lodge after September 1st will be accepted by him during the months of September and October. The selection will be announced as soon after January 1st as it can be determined that the selected student is still in attendance at a school, college or university for the second semester of the academic year. The decision of the committee will be final in all cases.
To provide scholarship assistance to deserving and needy individuals for the continuance of their education beyond the high school level.

Open to any high school graduate without regard to race, religion, or sex, but with preference being given to the children of New Hampshire masons. Applicant must be in attendance at an accredited school, college, or University to qualify.

Selection will be based upon an evaluation of the character, scholastic ability, career objectives, financial need and other related factors of the applicant, by a designated committee of three members of Gideon Lodge.

The income of the fund will be distributed annually (on or about January 15th each year) in non-recurring, non-returnable, $100.00 awards to the student(s) selected by the committee. All payments are contingent upon the uninterrupted attendance of the student at the school, college, or university of his or her choice.

Applicants should obtain the application form during the months of September and October each year from the secretary, Gideon Lodge, No. 84, F&AM, Kingston, N.H. Return completed application and supporting letter to the secretary by October 31st each year. A new application must be filled out and submitted each year, as none will be carried forward, and the awards are paid on a current year basis only.

The Secretary of Gideon Lodge, No. 84, F&AH, will be pleased to receive donations to the principal of the Fund from interested persons at any time. Interested persons should make their payment to:   GIDEON LODGE, No.84, F&AM; Trustee, Wood Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Donations can also be made via Paypal on our website at:

TAX DEDUCTION NOTE: As of January 1969, the IRS considered all contributions to the principal of the Fund to qualify as charitable deductions for individual Federal Income Tax purposes.